Derick Duguid

Derick Duguid joined the Tier 1 team in April 2021 bringing with him over 20 years in Finance serving mainly the Oil and Gas sector.

Prior to joining Tier 1 Energy, Derick worked for Flexitallic Canada as the Vice President of Finance, with the pivotal role of bringing a once privately owned company into a private equity enterprise setting.  Integration and managing the Alberta market change were key challenges of this position.

Before Flexitallic, Derick spent over 13 years in the EPCM environment with both Worley and Jacobs.  Derick managed business integration, system implementations, and corporate restructuring initiatives in both the finance teams and business operations.  His strength is with business partnership, in bridging finance competencies within the business operations.

Outside of work, Derick enjoys running, soccer, basketball, and doing construction projects at home.  When his time his less busy, he enjoys travel and going to the lake with his wife and 5 kids.