We strategically partner with companies that develop specialized complementary technologies.


Through these partnerships we are able to provide a broad suite of services that offer solutions to our customers’ complex operational requirements, improve efficiencies, enhance environmental protection and increase cost effectiveness

Canatex Completions Solutions

Tier 1 utilizes high-quality equipment packages and technology components provided by Canatex Completions Solutions to complement our Wireline operations.

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Tier 1 is the exclusive provider to FHE’s new innovative RigLock technology. This technology allows operators to safely secure pressure control to the wellhead without putting individuals in the red zone. RigLock brings game-changing efficiencies to your operations while keeping people safe.

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Tier 1 is proud to be the exclusive partner providing Priority’s gas lift technology to the Canadian oil & gas industry.  Priority is fully API certified and together we offer the highest quality of gas lift equipment and services in Canada.  Our relationship and expanse of product offerings ensure the experience and tools are available to address today’s well-bore designs and challenges.

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Tier 1 is the exclusive partner of Camesa’s Smooth E-Line cable in Canada. Smooth cable removes the need for grease in controlling pressure at the wellhead during completion operations. This partnership allows us to bring a safe, environmentally friendly and significantly more efficient solution to our customers.

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winterHawk casing expansion

Tier 1 is pleased to have an operational partnership with Winterhawk Well Abandonment.  Winterhawk brings advanced casing expansion technology to the industry with a specific focus on well-remediation and the reduction of methane emissions. The applications for casing expansion are continuously being discovered and qualified giving us excitement for the future growth of the technology.

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