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Our commitment to QHSE is embedded in our corporate culture and is the focus for two of our five core values. It starts with our leaders and extends down to every employee and contractor involved in our operations.

The Tier 1 QHSE Management System consists of seven elements designed for continuous improvement in service delivery and safety. They include:

Management involvement and commitment

Hazard identification and assessment

Hazard control


Emergency response

Incident reporting and investigation


Certifiably Safe


Tier 1 holds the Energy Safety Canada Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

COR is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards under provincial Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements and regulations. COR demonstrates that the employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated and approved by a certified Energy Safety Canada auditor.

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Petroleum Services Association of Canada

Tier 1 is a full member of PSAC and regularly attends and contributes to industry meetings. Our involvement keeps us update to date with regulatory compliance.

We sit on PSAC’s Oilwell Perforating Committee, Transportation Issues Committee, Health and Safety Committee, and Safety Culture Committee.

We are proud to be a participating company in PSAC’s Community Partners program, and industry wide, in-the-field program that fosters courteous behavior while conducting oil and gas industry activity. Community Partners provides simple behavior guidelines that make it easy for all employees and contractors to participate.

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Tier 1 is a member of the following supplier – contractor compliance management tools:

These platforms assist Tier 1 in managing their worksite QHSE compliance and provide our clients with efficient and consistent contractor prequalification with a common goal of minimizing risk.
Committed to prevention and high-quality service.

Service Quality


Tier 1 is fully committed to the pursuit of being first in service quality amongst our peers.  This is one of our five core values.  We safely deliver products and services that comply with industry standards and exceed our customers’ business requirements. Our goal is to achieve exceptional internal and external customer satisfaction and to conform to all legal and mutually agreed upon requirements.

All levels of management within Tier 1 are responsible for promoting an environment of leadership, commitment, and accountability for developing and implementing our quality processes.  We encourage employees to take personal responsibility for quality, to report any issues or concerns, and to stop any activity than does not comply with our quality management system.


Tier 1’s QMS aligns with the requirements outlined in the API Q2 specifications detailing Quality Management Systems for Service Supply Organizations in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.

Committed to prevention and high-quality service.

our HSE Team

Tier 1 recognizes the great importance of QHSE in our operations. We are committed to investing in our QHSE resources which includes experienced personnel, ongoing training, and current data management software technology.

QHSE Manager


Service quality manager

Red Deer

QHSE Coordinator


For more information on QHSE or ESG at Tier1, please email us at QHSE@tier1energy.ca

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