Tier 1 ESG Report - 2021

April 4, 2022

Tier 1 Energy Solutions is delighted to release our 2021 Annual ESG Report which highlights our successes and documents our pathway to Net Zero. We could not be more proud of our team members and business partners who continue to commit to our long-term goals which positively impact the environment, communities and our organization.


“This year’s report is an introduction to how Tier 1 will continue to hold it self accountable and share our progress as we contribute to the sustainability of the energy industry.” Rob Sutherland, CEO

For more information about our goals please visit: https://www.tier1energy.ca/qhs-esg#esg-report

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Tier 1 delivers people, technology, service quality, safety and equipment to the oil and gas industry to improve efficiencies and productivity in the well life cycle.

Tier 1 Energy Solutions Inc. is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta with operations servicing Western Canada out of various locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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